This road is telling me something now,That you are about to meet someone somewhere…AND THE JOURNEY BEGINS……❤️

I was not knowing that these journey will be so memorable for me that we are in the end month of jan and till now i couldn’t came out from that funzone .These journey opened me many doors and many kindoff opportunities as a traveller.I think this journey was my first travelling experiences beacause in this journey i met loads of people who were unknown to me…when this journey begins and the day when i met those people with new faces i wondering that this journey will be my worst journey ever as they all were unknown people to me with whom i have to take a long journey till chandigarh, manali,dalhousie and amritsar blah blah blah it was all going in my head. But as this journey begins some of them started talking and we became good friends and now i felt like the way i was thinking i was wrong ! And my heart was saying that bring positive thoughts in your mind and enjoy this journey with lovely people who is surrounded by you and that became true now i started enjoying this journey with lovely friends.These journey made me soo speechless that i turn into a storyteller now haha ! The journey started in bus as well as in train with loads of flawless dance, games,music,antakshari etc… and many more kindaoff stuffs which we had was unforgettable memories for me.The room which i shared from chandigarh to dalhousie with 2 friends was mine best moments ever and also which i used to irritated by mine PJ’S throughout this journey haha…! The DJ NIGHT PARTY  which was held in chandigarh was too hetic for us because of that DJ guy but still it was fun too by giving him a provoked expressions bt still he didn’t bother us what we said to him umm, well it was sad ! but nevermind it was fun.Now when we stepped into manali city i was wondering that the place which i always dreamed about it became true now i can feel those breeze of air and  the top of snowmountains in himalayas. Now my mood has changed as soon as I smoked the grass, those Grass seems to me the cure for everything… i was saying to my heart now Let me dance a bit in its intoxication,Come on DJ, play a dubstep trance…and When you take a puff of these air, you’ll forget all the sorrows…now mine breath was saying enjoy the puff of manali stuff…How do I tell you guys how I feel now,Everything seems to be an upside down for me…those excitements of  snowmountains, snowfalls, nature of beauty, valley of river beas, river rafting , Paragliding, ziplining, shopping,tasting varities of foods, and clothes. The DJ NIGHT PARTY in manali was stupendous night ever and that trance of DJ songs was breathtaking.That street dance on mall roads (on ziplining day street dance)with group of friends was memorable day.It was so chilled and foggy cold that if i couldn’t had taken a glass of drinks with group of friends then it may not be soo much fun.The best part is that when you are drunk and your hangover is still  there and you keep on doing those stuffs which you had never done before.Now when we stepped into dalhousie i was in my deep thoughts that And where to, the heart has taken me…What kind of dream has it shown me… these Colors melt in my sight…The wind is so cool and foggy…How did these clouds appear?It feels like this mind is washed up now…oh god ! these place is so beautiful in night when you see up in the sky,and play some songs and you sit alone in the roof of dalhousie and you wonder that how god has made such a beautiful place. I wished i could stay there forever.These tall trees with some snow on it was soo attractive to see it .Till now i couldn’t forget those images which i had all in my head with loads of memories into it.Now when we stepped into amritsar,punjab in my mind i was mummering those prayers waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguruji ki fateh.When i entered to golden temple the holiest place of ”GURDWARA” there was so peace and silent i felt like there is no more stress in my mind. May waheguru ji showered me a sweet blessings which i prayed from my heart and also langharas food was very special to me. Now here i come with mine all tears in my eyes as these journey gonna be end now and i don’t know how to say good bye to all of them whom i met unknowingly and now they all are mine good friends. Especially mine 2 friends(mine bruh) who came with us in this journey and made it memorable moments with us and they are going back agin to there city of bhopal where they lived.I really had lots of memories with eachone of them but the best part is this journey had made me feel like…

good bye my friend,
I am getting away from you,
I will take all your sorrows with me,
May you live happily, my friend..

Even more than you
now your memories will be lovable to me,
We both have
our own problems,
Now happily, to you,
I sacrifice all my happiness.